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Welcome to Business & Finance Canada. My name is Matthew Buxton, I am a seasoned entrepreneur and Business Broker located in Calgary, Alberta. My specialty and passion is helping people Buy or Sell small to medium-sized, privately owned businesses in Calgary and across Canada.

I’m the proud author of two books and two comprehensive online courses specific to buying a business and selling a business, in Canada. I also have a YouTube Channel.

As I’m sure you can see, I love to help people fulfill their dream of owning a successful business. I love to help business owners properly prepare for the sale of their business and inturn help them sell their business – the right way.


BUYING a Business

Buying a business on your own without the help of an expert Business Broker can be fraught with pitfalls and financial risk. If you are looking to identify and buy a great business, for a great price, for the best Terms and in a way that gives you the greatest propability of success – I can help you!

Checkout my Buying A Business page on this site, checkout my Buying A Business course, and give me a call.


SELLING a Business

Selling a Business is a complex PROCESS – it is not an event. The first step to putting the most money in YOUR pocket, is Preparation. Without preparation, there is a very real risk your business will not sell. If you’re looking to sell your business for the highest possible price, for the best possible Terms and in a way that puts the most amount on money in YOUR pocket – I can help you!

Checkout my Selling A Business page on this site, checkout my Selling A Business course, and give me a call.


Consulting | Business Valuations

I offer consulting services to both buyers and sellers. Consulting specific to buying or selling a business . This includes performing business evaluations and business valuations. If you are in need of a Business Valuation, please checkout my Business Valuations page on this site, and give me a call so we can discuss your specific situation and needs.


If you are looking for an expert Business Broker and advisor who can help you Buy a Business, Sell your Business or show you how to add tremendous value to your BusinessI can help you.

Please Contact Me.